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If Adobe developed the Creative Suite, making use of Adobe for the design are things?

I'm confused when it comes to all design Graphic thing. What was the industry standard Adobe CS package before? Does everyone? I'd love to know how things are designed before they even made Adobe Creative Suite reality.

In essence of the eighties started the industry standard was photostat machines and cement rubber – plus the design is being done in the pasta business – tables with columns of text and photos of images – hand-drawn or photographic – stuck to the guidelines blue photocopy machines are not regained. In the eighties was over Adobe Photoshop and PageMaker, Quark Xpress and a pair of Macromedia products for graphics. Autodesk was already there, but have always been public for more specialized designers. Quark Xpress is not regularly updated as Adobe products – but still there. Otherwise Adobe has the field almost to himself – Flash uses a large amount of technology it bought from Macromedia. While this is not always a good thing – I despise Illustrator, always, and from the purchase of Macromedia Freehand brought I allowed to languish and preferred that I love with the open source Inkscape is very good – that are profoundly different from what happens in Redmond, because there were no rules on the ownership of the printing and industry graphic in its infancy, has always (unlike a certain operating system manufacturer who likes to complain about the theft of their intellectual property) has been pretty good about licenses. Economy, in other words, Adobe has given a virtual monopoly, and access to ALL technology almost all players when the use of computers on desktops graphics began. It has been a player from the start, is also a successor to many of the other players, and the Creative Suite is simply a set of what is already industry standards were (mostly).

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